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      A licensed, insured, familyowned and operated company . . .
                           now serving the entire Phoenix metropolitan area!

Our #1 goal is personalized customer service. We proudly achieve this goal through the following 4 principles:

Convenience - Save your time, gas, and money, and let us come to you. Our friendly, professional staff will come to your home or work on your time, whenever you need us. We operate an affordable, completely selfsufficient mobile service that utilizes highend, industrial grade equipment. A 2700 PSI pressure washer, 6.5 horse powered shop-vacuum, and a 1000 watt professional carpet shampoo machine means a superior quality cleaning. And, our PRO chemicals are Earthfriendly, nonflammable, and biodegradable.

Flexibility - Our wide array of services can be selected as one of many convenient packages ("Express" wash, "Express" detail, "Exterior" detail, "Interior" detail, V.I.P. Detail), OR you can tell us exactly what you want and we can devise a customized package that suit your needs at no additional cost.

Affordable - The Express package starts as low as $20, and our extra services (including headlight restoration, engine degreaser, and polymer) are 50% off the normal price with the purchase of a V.I.P. Detail package.

Guarantee - We offer a 100% moneyback guarantee on all of our services. Confidence in our highlytrained staff, along with the quality of our products and materials, allows us to provide this guarantee. And, we also offer a free "peace of mind", 48hour rain check policy for our customers. If it rains within 48 hours of our service, we will come back to you and reservice your vehicle at no additional charge. Rest assured your baby is our baby, that is why we are also insured for up to 1 million dollars.

*The difference between SDS and a standard car wash is that detailing is a professional service that involves thoroughly cleaning each and every part of your vehicle, without damage to your paint which can be caused by local car wash machines. The benefit to you with auto detailing is that your vehicle will look like new for many years, and the finish will last longer. While SDS costs a little more than your local car wash, the investment for your time and the care of your vehicle yields value many times greater. With our friendly staff, affordable services, and money-back guarantee it's easy to see why Salazar's Detailing Service is the best choice for all your auto detailing needs!

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