Car Wash & Detailing Services

Residential & Commercial

Mobile Car Wash: (Express Wash)

  • This service takes approximately one hour to complete. We hand wash your vehicle, including making sure your rims, wheel wells and door jams are spotless.
  • On the inside we take great care in cleaning your dash, cup holders, and windows. We vacuum the entire interior including the trunk area and add a beautiful scent.
  • We dress the tires so they look new!
  • When finished we welcome you to inspect your vehicle. If anything does not meet with your approval or expectations we will take care of it immediately.

Auto Detailing Services:

Salazar offers two (2) types of detailing services:

The first is the exotic detail service.  This is approximately 2-3 hours.  It includes the express car wash package from above.  This wash completely cleans your vehicle and prepares it for the detailing.

Salazar uses only the finest quality and environmentally friendly chemicals and ingredients on your vehicle.

The interior receives a deep cleaning and dressing.  We make sure all plastic and leather shines and are protected.  All floor mats are shampooed.

A pro-spray wax is used on the exterior to protect and make your vehicle look like new.

Once again, we welcome a complete inspection when we are finished.  Our staff takes great pride in the work they do.

Elite Detail Service:

Our Elite detail takes from 3-5 hours.  This service includes everything in the exotic-detail plus much more.

After completing the exotic-detailing your vehicle is treated to a clay bar cleaning.  Clay bars are absolutely the most effective and safest way to clean car paint.  Many particles can penetrate or cling to your paint.  The clay removes these particles safely and leaves your vehicle’s paint surface smooth.  Clay removes excess spray, embedded bugs and much more in a safe and protective treatment.

Your vehicle receives a hand wax and polish using only the finest waxing products available to guarantee a beautiful shine.

The interior is thoroughly cleaned and shampooed and all the leather is conditioned to help preserve its luster for many years.  This will keep your leather looking good, soft and protected.



  • This service takes 1 ½ to 3 hours.
  • Salazar hand washes your motorcycle
  • We pay careful attention to detailing your engine
  • We use HD dressing which protects and darkens your tires.
  • We clean all leather thoroughly and then condition it to restore its original look
  • All chrome is polished to restore your motorcycle’s brilliant shine.
  • We hand wash and polish all painted parts of your cycle.
  • We clean the windshield and mirrors until they are spotless.
  • Salazar carries all specialty tools and equipment to use when cleaning your motorcycle to guarantee the job will be done right.